Integrated Facility Management Services

Al Awsat United Real Estate Company provides an optimum mix of Facility services “in-house” & “sub-contracted” services to suit client’s specific needs after understanding the nature & scalability of services required. Al Awsat United Real Estate Company is proposing a flexible facility management organization, one designed to meet changing business requirements as they occur. We fully define the scope of resources required to handle the changes. In doing so, we consider the cause of the change, whether the change is temporary or permanent, and its effect on the overall scope of work. Once the new requirements are identified, we develop an action plan to accommodate our strategy to the new scope of work. If we determine that staffing changes are needed, we will work with our client and our corporate support staff to make the necessary adjustments

Al Awsat United Real Estate Company Corporate Values:
  • Integrity
  • Our Employees
  • Improvement and Innovation
  • Safety and the Environment

  • Definition of Facility Management Services
    Facilities Management - The external management of all company services that are not specific to its core business activity including building operations, resource management, pantry management, security, O & M, Housekeeping, Landscaping etc. FacilitIis Services - The process by which a facilities service provider delivers and sustains a quality working environment and delivers quality support services to meet its customer’s objectives at the optimal cost

    Al Awsat United Real Estate Company facility Management Services include:
  • O & M (Operation and Maintenance)
  • House Keeping ( Janitorial Services)
  • Business Support Servicev
  • Landscaping
  • Security
  • EHS (Environment, Health & Safety)
  • Valet parking