Investment Services

Al Awsat United Real Estate Company works with private investors and institutions that wish to maximize their real estate positions and portfolio strategies. Al Awsat United Real Estate Company maintains ongoing relationships with buyers of investment and development properties, and continuously tracks buyer activity along with the type of property they are buying, as well as its value range and geographic area.

Local Expertise –
To sell property for the best possible price, strong local expertise is essential. Because he is on the spot, your Company broker will know the local sub-market, rental rates, demand, competition and values. Al Awsat United Real Estate Company brokers also know how to manage, lease, and to reposition assets when this is needed to add value. Combine this with our financial modeling, underwriting, deal structuring and negotiating skills, and you can appreciate how well Al Awsat United Real Estate Company can help its clients to optimize their portfolios.

Direct Relationships –
The professionals on the Al Awsat United Real Estate Company investment team have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the marketplace, and they also have direct relationships with the most qualified and most active buyers. At Al Awsat United Real Estate Company, we always know who is buying, who is selling and where the best sources of investment capital can be found.

Proven Results –
Al Awsat United Real Estate Company has experience in closing transactions for corporate, institutional and government clients. – in properties that include portfolios of owned real estate and non-performing loans, single-tenant leases, multi-family properties, hotels, industrial parks and corporate headquarters.